Fees and contact information

First check-in is free

We can speak on the phone or online before meeting face-to-face, if this would be helpful to you. There's no charge for this. You can ask questions, see how it feels to talk with me.

If you'd prefer to meet face-to-face before arranging a first session, please get in touch.

Picture of a phone headset

Contact details and availability

Phone: 07734 364362 - text, WhatsApp or call, as you prefer. Any questions are welcome.

Email: copy or type geoff@innerknowing.co.uk into your email app or click here to email Geoff.

Zoom meetings: My Zoom waiting room is here. I'll let you in at our booked start time, you're welcome to arrive early.

Alternatives to Zoom: Whereby (no app to install) or Skype are possible, if Zoom is a problem.

Availability: I'm in my therapy room on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9am-8pm). Also some online sessions on Monday and Wednesday (9am-2:30pm).

Affordable support - compassionate flexibility

I want this transformative work to be affordable to many people. I may be able to offer some flexibility if you're under particular financial stress at the moment - please talk to me about this.

Fees for me supporting you

  • Initial phone / Zoom call or face-to-face meeting (up to 20 mins) - £free.

  • One-to-one counselling - £50 (1hr), then £10 per extra 15 minutes.

  • Couples counselling - £75 (1hr), then £15 per extra 15 minutes. One-to-one sessions with an individual from a couple are £75 (1h15).

Prices are reviewed occasionally, with plenty of notice given of any changes.

Session frequency - weekly or fortnightly

For most people, weekly sessions give a really good momentum for our work, helping the clarity, aliveness, and trust we build to be readily available to us. Fortnightly meetings can also be effective.

Picture of a piggy bank Less often can mean some of the session is spent settling in, with memories of significant experiences and the previous session having faded into the background.

Stop when you wish

You are free to pause or stop at any time. Please let me know, so we can explore this. I want to adapt to your needs to make sessions manageable, we can adjust the pace or intensity if that's needed.

Payment details - cash or bank transfer

Cash is welcome, or bank payments to account 089286 17393124 (G Green). PayPal maybe possible if fees are added or avoided.