Safe, effective, and confidential counselling

This page is all about individual counselling (i.e. one-to-one). Or jump to couples counselling here.

It really is good to talk Picture of man speaking passionately to another

Being accepted as you are, listened to with careful attention and respect, supports a deeper connection with your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

I find that saying things out loud is crucial, rather than thinking and often going round in circles.

Different choices may spontaneously arise in your life, and long held beliefs be seen in a new light.

Counselling has been vital to me, and I feel passionate about offering this support to you.

A safe & confidential place for you to explore

We explore together, building trust as we go. As the expert on your life, you get the space to describe whatever you wish, at your own pace.

I'll listen without judging, and respond to you openly and honestly. I trust your potential to grow in your own way, towards the life you want.

Picture of woman looking out across water I aim to support you with whatever your concern, or whatever your level of distress. I have my own support, so you can focus on yourself. Since I'm independent you may well feel freer to speak than with others.

Areas and groups I'm particularly interested in

I support all kinds of issues, though am especially interested in relationships, spirituality, sex and sexual orientation, disability, bereavement, and stress / anxiety. I work with all ages, from 16 up.

My interest in these areas naturally comes from my professional and personal experience.

Beginning counselling & the first session

Please call me, ask questions, see how you feel talking with me. When you're ready, we can fix up a first meeting. Email or text if you prefer.

I offer the first session at a discounted rate. Here, we get a sense of each other, and whether we feel we are well suited.

Sessions normally last an hour, though longer (and occasionally shorter) can be agreed. You're free to end work whenever you choose.

What happens & doesn't happen in sessions?

You may find a new perspective on your feelings, on your beliefs, and how you interact with others and with yourself. This includes how these things have been shaped over time by events and other people around you.

Picture of person sitting on a bench contemplating This process can be challenging, though I aim to help make it manageable. Slowly, it will be beneficial to explore areas that feel edgy.

By staying with difficult emotions and thoughts, deeper understanding and change can come, as well as building your capacity to cope. Ultimately it can bring the gift of a more fulfilled life.

Counselling isn't about giving advice. It's a shared process which helps you connect more deeply with yourself - the things that need attention in order for change to naturally happen will show themselves.

My professionalism and qualifications

I completed my counselling training at Warwick Uni in 2005. I'm also qualified in Emotionally Focused Therapy, useful for couples and individuals.

I'm a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, and work to their strong ethical framework. I also receive regular supervision, plus further training from time to time.