Compassionate and confidential support - all welcome

Feel safe and supported

I hope you'll feel safe, understood, and really listened to in our work together. You can speak freely, which may well be a huge relief.

Discover you're not alone in your sadness, anger, shame, fear, confusion, doubt, anxiety, overwhelm, pain... excitement, wildness...

Geoff Green - counsellor and healer

Picture of Geoff Green

I'm naturally open minded and understanding of the choices, feelings and thoughts we all have.

The difficult life experiences I've faced have developed this acceptance – in childhood, relationships and divorce, sexuality, parenting, stressful work environments, questiong how I fit in and the purpose of life.

I'm definitely not easily shocked - after all I've been watching my own reactions, emotions, and mind chatter for the last 45 years!

Thankfully, counselling and healing have helped me find greater ease and clarity with these things. I'm sure they can help transform your life too.

Speak openly ... or relax and receive healing

Choose counselling or healing, or combine both. You may feel naturally drawn to one of these, or want to experiment and see how each helps you.

Whatever you choose, we'll work together at a pace that's comfortable for you, building trust and understanding as we go.

Qualifications, experience and research

I trained first in counselling for 4 years, then healing for over 10 years, and have been a therapist since 2005. I've worked with the general public, in education institutions, with Age Concern, for Terence Higgins Trust, and much more.

Research has shown counselling to have greater and longer lasting effects than medical interventions.

More about Geoff and his support for you

There's lots more on other pages about my background, and my approach to VortexHealing® Therapy, Reiki and Person-Centred Counselling. Please call me if you'd rather speak than read.

Fees and next steps to working with me

Please get in touch (phone, text or email - see top of page), ask any questions you wish, and we can arrange a time to meet - I've got daytime and evening availability.

I believe in compassionate flexibility with fees – I'm happy to discuss how we make it affordable for you.