VortexHealing® - deep, powerful and grounding healing

The creation of illness and returning to health

Picture of Geoff When we're faced with challenging life situations, we contract inside, causing distortions in our flows of energy. This reduces our vitality and ultimately leads to disease.

Healing brings areas into balance that need it, helping recovery from existing conditions and providing protection against new illness.

From being stuck in our patterns to freedom

Picture of man jumping for joy Healing also works on our repeating life patterns. It finds where they're stored in our systems and reduces their charge, revealing some of the beliefs behind them.

A clearer perception of life can emerge, with choices coming more from wisdom and freedom.

What is VortexHealing® Therapy?

VortexHealing® Therapy is the most profound form of healing I’ve encountered, providing many different healing tools, for a great variety of purposes. It can work at very deep levels, even on your genetics.

The intelligence within the system directs the healing to where it’s most needed within you.

Find out more about VortexHealing® here, including workshops and healing stories.

Changes VortexHealing® Therapy can bring

  • Increased vitality and clarity
  • Less physical pain
  • Reduced stress and tension, relaxing more easily
  • Improved resistance to illness or quicker recovery
  • More ease with thoughts, feelings and memories
  • A sense of peace with life in general
  • Awareness of the issues affecting your life

You'll be comfortable and fully clothed

Picture of healing hands Healing is received fully clothed, and usually lying on a massage table. Healing from a seated position is also possible. My hands rest lightly on your body, though if preferred they can be just above you.

Any adjustments that contribute to you feeling really relaxed are very welcome.

The stages of a healing session

Beginning - clarifying what needs attention in the healing.

Energising - of your system to give the best results.

Release - of trapped energy by receiving skilfully chosen types of healing, perhaps helped by talking.

Completion - using further healing (and a little talking) to help you adjust to the changes that have happened. This integration process may continue for a while afterwards.

What will you feel during and after healing?

Picture of man on a healing table Depending on your sensitivity and calmness, you may feel the energy as it moves around your body.

Afterwards, it’s common to feel more balanced, open, energised, and relaxed, as well as having greater clarity about a situation you brought to the session.

How long are sessions? Will you need many?

Sessions last an hour or more - longer allows you to go more deeply into things, yet an hour gives great benefit.

Just one session initiates your body's innate healing capacity, though several are often more beneficial.

My Training and experience

I'm qualified in 3 healing modalities, including Reiki. I've reached an advanced level in VortexHealing®.