Reiki and healing in the style of Barbara Brennan

Nurturing and powerful healing options

Picture of healing hands Healing helps with physical and emotional issues, and can be very relaxing and restorative. I've been healing for 10 years, using 3 different approaches during that time.

Many people are interested in Reiki or Barbara Brennan healings having heard of them before - I'm very happy to offer these powerful approaches, and yet I also find that VortexHealing® Therapy goes deeper, works more quickly, and brings greater grounding with it.

So you're free to receive purely the approach you're familiar with, or try VortexHealing® alongside or instead of this. We can talk about this on your first session, or feel free to call if you want to ask about it beforehand.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle and effective system of energy work which, like all healing, activates the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

The name Reiki originates from the Japanese words 'rei' meaning 'universal' and 'ki' meaning 'energy'. It can benefit everyone, from young babies to adults, and is a safe, non-invasive therapy.

Reiki sessions reduce stress within the body, thereby inducing a state of relaxation, allowing the body to realign itself. It can produce a feeling of great wellbeing, which is very beneficial to the immune system, and the healing capacity of the body in general.

What is healing in the style of Barbara Brennan?

These healings are again very transformative, and involve the channelling of energy from our environment, to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.

This work has more structure than Reiki, with various healing methods learnt e.g. inner child healing, and often some dialogue as you move through your experiences in the session.

Frequently asked questions

These are answered on the VortexHealing® page:

  • Am I seated or lying down when receiving healing?
  • Is touch involved?
  • What is the structure of a healing session?
  • What will I feel?
  • How long are sessions?
  • How many will I need?
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