Links, information, and other support

Here you will find links to various therapists and organisations who can provide further help or information. Many are people I have worked with personally and benefited greatly from.

Counselling related links

I qualified from a BACP accredited Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy course, at Warwick University in 2005.

Even introductory counselling training gives useful personal development, and may be of interest. Examples of training organisations in Devon include Iron Mill (Exeter) or Heartwood (Dartington).

Some good background on Person-Centred Counselling is given on BAPCA's website - they represent the approach in the UK. Carl Rogers founded Person/Client-Centred principles, something frequently referred to in organisations and healthcare today.

Healing related links

VortexHealing® is highly transformative, recommended whether or not you wish to work as a healer yourself. I've been attending trainings since October 2011. Even the first training is very powerful - 5 days in London or many other places.

Barbara Brennan has written several renoun books on energy healing and is a well-known American healer (originally a psychologist).

The UK energy healing school was founded by two of Barbara Brennan's graduates, and is a separate organisation. They brought their experience to create the 3 year syllabus of the school, which has been further developed by experienced teachers.

The Reiki Association give an accessible introduction to Reiki, its benefits, the typical format of a session, and more. I received all stages of my Reiki training from a very powerful healer, Tracy Hamilton.

Other practitioners

Integrative Counselling, with a female therapist: Lucy Isherwood (my partner).

Craniosacral therapy, particularly with children: Tanya Desfontaines.

Other websites I am listed on

Counselling Directory - my page on one of the most popular listings for counsellors.

British Complementary Medicine Association - my work is listed here (under TQ9) because I completed a 3 year healing course that they accredited.

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