Compassionate and confidential support - all welcome

Geoff Green - counsellor and healer

Picture of Geoff Green

Since 1992, counselling and various types of healing have opened up new horizons in my life, inspiring me to train in them. I began working as a therapist in 2004.

I believe that you (like me) have a rich source of inner knowing, of wisdom and potential that can enrich your life. This will emerge naturally, given the right support.

Please feel free to read more about my background, and my approach to healing and counselling.

Next steps to working with me

Simply contact me (phone, text or email) to ask any questions, or to see how it feels to communicate with me.

I may have short notice space available, so we can soon meet, at a clinic or by Skype/phone. We'll talk about your aims for our sessions, and book ahead when you're ready.

Help with a full range of issues

I have experience of working with a full range of concerns and conditions. I work with the whole person, meaning results ripple through to all parts of you, as time goes on.

My ethics and qualifications

I'm committed to working effectively and safely with you - I work to the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy code of ethics. I have regular supervision, to develop my work.

I studied for 4 years in counselling, my final qualification being an accredited course at Warwick University. I've trained in several forms of healing over the last 10 years.

The benefits of my professional support

Taking support from a compassionate and insightful therapist, who you feel safe with, can help you feel more connected with what's going on in yourself and in your life as a whole.

This can bring greater self-acceptance and develop your awareness. Beliefs and patterns may come to light and change, allowing better choices to be made in life.

... and why Person-Centred Counselling?

Picture of chairs in a counselling room

Talking, in counselling or as part of a healing, gives you an insight into your feelings and attitudes, whereas thinking to yourself may often leave you going round in circles.

Being accepted as you are, listened to with careful attention and respect, by someone independent of your situation, supports a deeper connection with your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Change then naturally starts to happen. You go at your own pace, as deeply as you wish.

... or VortexHealing® Therapy? or Reiki?

Picture of healing hands In healing sessions, balancing comes on all levels - emotional, physical, mental, genetic, spiritual - that the mind just can't imagine.

Healing clears blocks in the energy system, creating a sense of space and vitality in your thinking, feeling, and body. Your natural capacity for wellness can then take you further forward.

Building on your existing healthcare package

My work is effective alongside, and supportive to, other types of health care, including orthodox medicine.