About Geoff - professional counsellor & healer

My therapeutic qualifications

  • Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy (2 years, Warwick University, 2005 - 18 months of prior training required) - accredited by British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy;

  • Certified VortexHealing® Practitioner: many modules taken since 2011, up to an advanced level;

  • Graduate of School of Energy Healing (3 years, 2010) - accredited by British Complementary Medicine Assoc;

  • Reiki Master (2007).

The therapies I offer

Person-Centred Counselling, VortexHealing®, and Reiki.

Lasting change and the life you want

I love seeing how new insights and attitudes spontaneously emerge in this work. I feel humbled and surprised by your resourcefulness to find new and more satisfying ways of living.

My specialist interests

I work with people who have a wide range of concerns, especially relating to relationships, spirituality, sexuality, disability, bereavement and stress. My interest in these areas comes from past work or from them being important issues in my own life.

The qualities I bring to supporting you

I find that I'm able to remain grounded and centred with whatever you need to address in our work. I feel naturally accepting of the many challenges life brings, and the ways this can lead us to behave and feel.

I enjoy being a real person, sharing about myself if this is helpful to you. When needed, I'm confident to challenge you with directness and sensitivity.

When I work with you, I'm asking myself what it's like to be you, at a deep level. And as I learn about this, very likely so do you - helping you see your life more clearly.

My professional experience

I have many years of experience, in various roles, including with young people, the elderly, people with disabilites, students, and the general public.

I've seen varied private therapy clients, counselled at a University and 6th Form college, for Age Concern, a domestic violence project, and Terence Higgins Trust.

More on my background and life experience

Picture of Geoff Green Born in 1971, my life started with a challenging childhood that led me to ask questions about myself, my relationships, and the world around me. I've been in long term and short-term relationships, and have been divorced.

I had my first child in 2015, a heart opening and exhausting experience!

I trained as a computer professional yet I've always known that supporting people on a more fundamental level is what really inspires me. So I worked using computers to help people with disabilities.

I soon felt I wanted to take this desire further, and so I began training in counselling, having found it so effective for myself in the early 90s. Later, after being greatly helped by energy healing, my interest in that approach was ignited, beginning with Reiki.

These days I love living in Devon, with nature close by. I very much enjoy cycling, walking, dancing and kayaking. Spirituality is important to me, though not centred on any religion.

From 2007, I trained with the School of Energy Healing, having seen how powerful the healings were from graduates of the course. This was an incredibly exciting and challenging 3 year course with 5 week-long retreats each year, learning various healing approaches (e.g. colour, sound, relationship cords, and inner child work).

Since 2011, I've been taking VortexHealing® training modules, strengthening my system in general and developing my awareness. I use it every day with my family, and with healing clients.