About Geoff - curious about life, direct yet sensitive

My background and life experience

Picture of Geoff Green Now in my mid-40s, I've faced many challenges, that have felt serious, stressful, and threatening.

I had to find my way through bullying, trauma, and bereavement as a child. Work environments, friendships, and sexuality felt vulnerable. All this led me to ask questions about, and get seriously interested in, the purpose and meaning of life and the world around me.

I've been in long and short-term relationships, and have been divorced. I had my first child in 2015, an amazing yet constantly demanding experience!

I trained as a computer professional and worked in systems development for a few years, then using computers to help people with disabilities. I've also worked in care homes, and even doing dance routines on a bar (not sure I want to remember!).

Yet from being someone who people confided in as a teenager, I've always known that supporting people on a more personal level is what really moves me. So I decided to train in the counselling and healing approaches that had been so powerfully transformative to me.

I love living in Devon, with the beautiful outdoors to explore, and the creative and therapeutic communities living here. I've got an interesting mix of interests including cycling, meditation, sewing, dancing and kayaking. Spirituality is very important to me, in nature, in the miracle of healing, and everything (when I manage to notice!).

The qualities I bring to supporting you

I'm able to remain grounded and centred, whatever you need help with. From my own challenges, I feel an understanding of the difficulties that life brings, and the ways this can lead us to behave and feel.

I enjoy being a real person, sharing about myself if this is helpful to you. When needed, I'm confident to challenge you with directness and sensitivity.

When I work with you, I'm curious what it's like to be you, at a deep level. And as I learn about this, very likely so do you - helping you build understanding and acceptance of yourself, and greater clarity of your patterns and choices.

My professional experience

I have many years of experience, in various supportive and caring roles - in organisations (including Age Concern, a domestic violence project, and Terence Higgins Trust), with government projects, and with the general public.

My therapeutic qualifications

  • Dip Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy (2 years, Warwick University, 2005 - 18 months of prior training required) - accredited by British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy;

  • Certified VortexHealing® Practitioner: many modules taken since 2011, to an advanced level;

  • Graduate of School of Energy Healing (3 years, 2010) - accredited by British Complementary Medicine Assoc;

  • Reiki Master (2007);

  • Intro to Solution Focused Communication (2015).